There are three personality traits or core values, that as a job seeker you must maintain to ensure you will have a fruitful job search. These three traits are: Confidence, Perseverance, and Honesty.


If you don’t believe in yourself, who will? Confidence is contagious. People are confident in the abilities of those that project confidence in themselves. Its science. So, don’t be afraid! Life is too short to be afraid – you don’t want to sit around wondering what if? Just go for it! The worst that can happen is someone can say no to you. Everyone gets rejected multiple times throughout their life. Dealing with rejection builds character and resilience, so ultimately, it’s good for you! Also, don’t just apply online and sit back and hope someone will approach you. Confidently and assertively network and contact individuals for coffee meetings in industries where you would like to work and feel you can add value. During these networking discussions be sure to ask intelligent questions and explain how you can add value working with that particular organization.


Every successful person has worked hard to be where they are. From the outside it may seem as though there are people that always seem to get what they want, with little effort. What you don’t see though, is the hard work, the sweat and the tears that these successes have endured behind the scenes. Realistically, you may have a job search that looks something like this: apply to 50 jobs, set up 20 networking coffees and attend 10 industry events – before you receive a solid job offer. Once you get your dream offer in your hands though, you will see that perseverance does get you what you want, just like it did for all of the successful people around you.
If you want something – never, ever give up. It may take time, but it will happen eventually. If you get discouraged and quit, then it won’t happen. Not trying is really the only way to not be successful in life.


Be honest with others and be honest with yourself. Never lie during the interview process. Sooner or later your lies will be uncovered and it will severely hurt your reputation. Be honest always. Remember though, honesty doesn’t mean telling everyone everything. There are obviously certain things that should be left unsaid, especially things related to personal matters. What I mean is do not lie about your qualifications or experience. Also, be honest with yourself. Meaning, what are you truly good at? What do you really want to do? What will make you happy? Yes, besides money and prestige, happiness matters too. Really taking a cold hard look at yourself, your skills and financial needs, unclouded by the opinions and judgements of others, will enable you to go in a direction that will make you happiest.

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