I frequently chat with people who gripe about their job for one reason or another – it could be the hours, the projects, the compensation, a nasty co-worker, or an unlikable boss. The list goes on and on…and on. The reality for most people is they have to work to pay the bills so there is no simple way to avoid these perceived negative aspects of their jobs. The truth is, it’s actually much easier to work on changing or reframing the negative aspects of your job rather than finding a “perfect” new position as the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

Some things about your job you can change, and some things you can’t. First let’s focus on the things you can change. One example is it may be your lengthy commute that is driving you crazy. Perhaps if you have one or two days a week where you are able to cut out the commute you would have a few more hours for yourself to sleep, run errands or spend time with your family. This will likely help you to feel a lot calmer and more collected throughout the week. The solution in this case could be as simple as asking your boss if you can telecommute or work out of another office closer to your home. These days, many companies are flexible with letting employees work remotely even if only for one day per week. It never hurts to ask! From an employer’s perspective, they should recognize that allowing you this benefit will ultimately make you happier and more relaxed which leads to greater productivity and increased loyalty.

For those undesirable components of your job that you cannot easily change, you need to practice the act of re-framing. Re-framing is a powerful cognitive technique that allows you to change the way you think about something. It’s not always easy but it is highly effective at cultivating a positive mindset. The most simplistic example is the classic glass is half-empty versus glass is half-full debate. It’s important to examine a negative thought or feeling, see if there is anything positive about the situation you are faced with, and then re-frame and switch your thought focus from the negative to the positive. Re-framing takes a lot of practice before it becomes habitual so it is important to actively work on it. Here is a link to an article that explains reframing in further detail if you would like to learn more about it http://stress.about.com/od/positiveattitude/a/reframing.htm.

This all being said, if you try making changes and reframing your thoughts, and time goes by and you are still not happy, it may be time for a change. If you are looking for something new, consider working with a Recruitment Agency to see how they can help you.

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