Implementing a work from home policy is one of the easiest and most effective ways you can add tremendous value to your employee value proposition. While it’s not feasible for all companies to allow their employees to work from home, there are still countless fields where this type of policy is easily implementable and achievable.

If you are worried about your staff abusing this policy and not getting their work done, then you need to first consider this – why are you hiring people you don’t trust? Additionally, if you have effective management who can set specific and measurable tasks with deadlines for their staff, then it should be easy to measure productivity regardless of where your team is located. As long as staff are reaching the goals you set out for them, then why not let them decide whether they feel like working in the office in a suit or at home in their pajamas?

Below, I list the top 5 ways a work from home policy can benefit an employer.

1) Well-Rested, Focused staff

Cutting out the commute and primping time most people need to get from point A (their cozy warm bed) to point B (their desk at work) in most cases gives staff back 1-2 hours per day.  Your employees can then take this time to sleep in which will improve their mood and cognitive functioning. A well-rested and relaxed employee will be able to better concentrate and pay greater attention to detail.

2) Improve Productivity by eliminating social distractions

While social interaction in the workplace is normal and healthy, there are some people who talk way too much and are extremely distracting to others around them.  Avoiding noisy colleagues who chat loudly and incessantly nearby allow your employee working from home to better concentrate on getting a higher volume of tasks completed without distraction.

3) Cost savings from reducing the number of “sick” days’ staff take

People will be tempted to take days off when they feel burnt out from the day-to-day demands of their career and family life. They may feel like they need a “mental health” day to sleep in and tend to a few personal needs. If you give staff the ability to work from home once and awhile, this could eliminate their need to take a full day off. Why? Working from home will allow your employee to sleep in a couple of hours, throw in a load of laundry during lunch, and pick up their kids after school – all while completing the work you require of them. If that’s all that’s needed for your employees to feel recharged and balanced, then why not let them work from home at least 1 day per week?

4) Improve retention of existing staff

Staff will be grateful for the trust and autonomy that working from home provides. If you give staff the ability to work from home, the countless benefits they will reap from this perk will improve their job satisfaction and they will be much more hesitant to look for another job.

5) Improve your talent attraction strategy

This is a perk that not all companies offer, but most candidates appreciate. How do you attract staff who are talented but already comfortably employed? By focusing your recruitment pitch on what makes you different and better than your competitors. Offering employees the flexibility to work from home at least once a week could be enough to set you apart from your competitors tipping the talent scales in your favour.