Job hunting online is definitely a necessary activity during a job search. Although crucial, it is not the only way to find a job, so it’s important to limit the time you spend online. Why? Searching for a job online can eat up countless hours of your time and leave you feeling drained and frustrated. Make sure you leave time for other activities as well.  To learn about the 5 five best ways you can maximize the effectiveness of your time spent online during your job search, read on below.

#1 – Limit your time online each day. Let’s be honest, it is easy to become distracted when trying to accomplish anything online. From cute animal videos, to news, to online shopping, there are countless ways to waste your time when you open your browser, even with a specific and productive objective in mind. When focusing on your online job search, it’s necessary to start by setting yourself a time limit each day. Why? Because if you have a set period of time in which you need to accomplish something, you are more likely to focus on the task and not get distracted by other things. Set a time limit of approximately 2 hours per day, and stay focused on doing nothing but job search related activities during this time.

#2 – Use a job search aggregator. These days’ job search aggregators are your best bet for readily accessing the greatest number of relevant jobs in the shortest amount of time. A job search aggregator essentially allows you to search for a job based on key words related to your preferred title as well as location. Once you enter this info, the site will present you with all jobs relevant to your search terms with the click of the search button. Aggregator sites do all the hard work of searching thousands of career sites with job postings and then consolidating the findings for you. My favourite job search aggregators include and

#3 – Sign up for job posting notifications with your favourite employers. Most large companies have the option through their career site to allow you to set up search criteria that will notify you via email every time the company posts a new role that matches your search criteria. The reason I would recommend doing this in addition to searching on a site like, is that this will give you the added benefit of knowing immediately when an employer of interest posts a job to allow you act quickly and submit your application before the posting is taken down (some employers only leave job ads up for 1 or 2 weeks).

#4 – Be up to date and active on LinkedIn. These days social recruiting is extremely prevalent. Having an updated profile that shows all of your relevant experience and summary of duties, along with special projects worked on and employer references, just may catch the eye of an online recruiter looking for someone with experiences like yours. Also, if you are able to engage your LinkedIn network by posting interesting articles relevant to your industry, or even creating and publishing your own blog posts, people will take notice. You want to show off your job/industry knowledge so people deem you to be an expert in your field, because, who wouldn’t want to hire an expert?

#5 – Keep a copy of all job postings you apply to.  If you are applying to countless jobs during your search you may forget exactly which ones you applied to. When a Recruiter calls, you don’t want to come across as though you don’t remember applying to their job ad– this looks bad. Pretend you remember (if you don’t), then quickly pull up the job posting and reference it so you can be prepared for your interview.

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