How to identify High-Potential Candidates

Throughout my career in Human Resources and Recruitment I have worked alongside and interviewed thousands of people. Over time I started to notice some interesting patterns, particularly among high-potential and high-performing candidates. High-potentials are those who have the aptitude and ability to go way above and beyond the average employee [...]

Cultivating a Positive Mindset for your career in the New Year

I frequently chat with people who gripe about their job for one reason or another – it could be the hours, the projects, the compensation, a nasty co-worker, or an unlikable boss. The list goes on and on…and on. The reality for most people is they have to work to [...]

Gen Z – What you need to know as an employer

Key Takeaways from a panel discussion held on September 29th at the DeGroote School of Business in Burlington. On Tuesday September 29th, the DeGroote School of Business in Burlington hosted a panel discussion with industry professionals as well as a representative of the Gen Z workforce, to highlight the key [...]

Top three reasons your employees are quitting

For most organizations, it is crucial to continuously work to retain your best performers and high potentials. Employers are also aware how challenging and competitive it is to source and hire talent these days. Knowing all of this, it’s clearly in a company’s best interest to focus a significant amount of time [...]

Maximize the effectiveness of your online job search

Job hunting online is definitely a necessary activity during a job search. Although crucial, it is not the only way to find a job, so it’s important to limit the time you spend online. Why? Searching for a job online can eat up countless hours of your time and leave [...]

How to have a productive and happy job hunt

Looking for a job for any period of time can be a daunting task. When your job search stretches over an extended period of time, you can start to feel a little down on yourself and lose focus. Below are 5 ways you can spend your time to ensure your [...]

5 key tips for the best interview ever

As a Recruiter I come across people frequently who make easily avoidable mistakes during an interview that cost them a spot on the candidate short-list. There are a few simple, smart tips to keep in mind during the interview process that, provided you already have the core requirements for the [...]

How to write a highly successful Job Ad

A job ad is an extremely crucial part of your candidate attraction process. These days, it’s getting increasingly difficult to find talent out in the market, especially if you are looking for someone with niche skillsets or designations. Writing and posting an effective job ad can dramatically improve not only [...]